South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Responsible Pet Ownership

Owning a pet means accepting the responsibility of looking after them. Aside from providing their basic necessities like food, water and shelter, it is also important to take good care of their personal health and well-being. The life of your pet depends solely on how you treat and care for them.

Animals can get sick and develop diseases if not properly taken care of. This is why it is essential to bring your pet to a veterinarian for a regular check-up even though they may look and appear healthy. Vets will likely talk to you about vaccines or recommend preventative care routines like dental and ear cleaning to help and avoid manifestation of common pet diseases and infections. In the event of accidents and serious injuries, bring your pet to a fully-equipped animal facility like South Bellmore Veterinary Group for immediate treatment and recovery.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group is a full-service animal hospital located on Merrick Road in Bellmore, Long Island NY. They are one of the most trusted, with good reviews and dependable vet hospitals in New York composed of the most experienced and highly-skilled veterinarians and technicians in town. Their unmatched service has earned a great number of clients across Long Island, Queens and even in Brooklyn.

You can rely on SBVG for a wide variety of services like eye and ear treatment, dental, vaccinations, general and orthopedic surgeries. Addisons Disease, Cushings Disease and diabetes mellitus are some of the diseases routinely diagnosed and treated in their state-of-the-art facility.

To provide the best possible pet care, we regularly consult leading specialist like Dr. Pat Hopper who is a pioneer in veterinary ultrasound and internal medicine and Dr. John Sapienza for cataract surgery and advanced ophthalmology cases. In addition, our team is highly composed of experienced vets, trained technicians and knowledgeable receptionist that all contributes to deliver the proper health care your pet deserved.

Check out our website to know more about South Bellmore Veterinary Group or you can visit our 5000 square foot facility in Bellmore. Our veterinary staff is committed in providing you with the finest pet care.