South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Looking for the Finest Vet

Surely, you treat your pet like a member of your family, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to keep them healthy. And just like choosing a family doctor, you should be careful in choosing a vet for your pet too. Find someone who can meet your needs and those of your pet, a vet that can offer the highest available standard of care.

Nowadays, there are many vet clinics almost everywhere but not all are at par. Don’t settle on the nearest or the cheapest vet available to avoid deception or fake vets, here are the things to consider on finding a vet who’s right for your pet.

Word of mouth recommendation

A good starting point in looking for a vet is by recommendation from a friend, family or a neighbor especially those who have the same approach to pet care as you. They will definitely be glad to introduce their trusted vet to you. Jot down their referrals.

Check the website

Now that you have a list of recommended vets, look at each of their websites and search as much information as you can about their professional team, history, services, specializations, facility and operating hours. In addition, you can also read reviews on Yelp concerning the quality of service and treatment of the practice to their clients. The experiences of other pet owners on those vets can be a great help in cutting down your list but make sure that the information you will obtain is from a reliable and trusted source only.

Tour the facility

After narrowing down the list of vets you think you like, take a tour of their facility. Make sure to look around and examine whether the place is clean and well-organized. Remember, a clean clinic is an important part of providing a healthy environment to pets. It should be a priority to every staff that they practice good hygiene and odor control in the clinic.

The doctors, technicians and staffs

In an animal hospital, the vet usually works with a team of professionals comprised of technicians and qualified support staff and receptionists. So it is best to evaluate the entire vet team’s competence and care. Take into consideration the attitude of the people inside the clinic and observe how they interact with the animals in their care.  Moreover, it is important to keep in mind the overall personality of your vet. Make sure that you and your pet feel comfortable with him all the time.

Location from home

In some cases, choosing the right vet doesn’t depend on the location of the practice, there are pet owners who travel a mile just to bring their pet on their chosen vet. After all, it may be worth the trip to a more skilled vet and a quality care. However, it is still best to consider the location of the practice from your home as this will give you a peace of mind knowing that your vet is nearby in case of emergency.

Specialist Veterinarians

The best vet clinic is consists of a team made up of individuals with different trainings, credentials, backgrounds, qualities and specialization in veterinary medicine. Ask about what range of animals the practice usually treats. If you have an exotic pet, then make sure that they have a specialist that can handle that type of species. Dr. Jenna Dale of South Bellmore Veterinary Group specializes in exotic animals like rabbits and guinea pigs. They even offer 25% off to exotic services every Wednesdays.

Business Hours

Check whether the business hours of the practice are convenient for you and if they have after hour policies. In the event that your pet needs an overnight stay at the vet, ask whether there will be a staff in charge of monitoring pet patients continuously.

Having a dependable veterinarian in the life of your pet will make it much easier to give the proper medical care he needs. You can rely on South Bellmore Veterinary Group when it comes to this, their animal practice is located on Merrick Road in Bellmore, Long Island New York. They provide the high-quality care in a pet which is recognized by many in Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn.