South Bellmore Veterinary Group Eye Care


At the South Bellmore Veterinary Group, our veterinary staff is committed to providing you with the finest pet care. We are conveniently located on Merrick Rd. in Bellmore, Long Island NY, and are just minutes from Wantagh, Merrick, Freeport and Seaford. Because of our extensive capabilities, our clients visit us from all of Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and beyond.

Application of Ointment

Hold open eyelids and apply about 1/4 inch of ointment onto the eye. Be careful not to touch the eye with the applicator.

Application of Drops

Hold the eyelids open and apply ONE DROP of medication to the eye. Be careful not to touch the eye with the applicator.

NOTE: When applying either drops or ointment, the medication can also be instilled into the “pocket” between the lower eyelid and the eyeball. Alternatively, the upper lid can be pulled back so that the white of the eye can be seen. When this is done the lower lid will naturally be pulled upwards as well – this will usually keep the dog or cat from seeing the applicator coming towards their eye. The medication is then applied to the white of the eye. An additional person may be needed to restrain certain animals.