South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Freshen up your Pet’s Teeth

Just like in humans, our pets are prone to some form of dental disease and it needs immediate attention to prevent it from getting worse. With our busy schedules, most of us don’t find time to brush our pet’s teeth on a daily basis, if regular brushing seems impossible, aim for three to four times a week. Do not completely ignore the importance of oral health because plaque and tartar buildup can progress to painful periodontal disease.

Bacteria from periodontal disease can get into the blood stream causing serious health complications like heart disease, lung and kidney damage. One of the very first indicators that your pet needs attention is that his mouth has a foul odor or bad breath. Don’t ignore this as this may progress and may result to drooling, bleeding gums and tooth loss.

It is best to bring him to a veterinarian if you suspect a problem with his mouth. In South Bellmore Veterinary Group, our dental team can conduct a full dental examination and cleaning to your pet. The teeth are cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler and polisher. This is in combination with our digital dental x-ray unit which enables us to perform surgical extractions, root-planning and gingival resection if needed. While under general anesthesia for dental procedures your pet receives the same anesthetic monitoring that he/she would for the most in-depth surgical procedure.

Make sure that your pet receives that preventative dental care it deserves. For a professional cleaning and full dental exam, visit South Bellmore Veterinary Group in Long Island, New York. They are equipped with the latest technologies to efficiently remove tartar build-up on the teeth and bacteria under the gums. With this, potential sources of infection in the mouth and in bodily organs are eliminated.

Do not wait until it is medically needed. With proper dental care, you will not just extend the life of your pet, but will improve it as well.